Why Suppliers must invest in eCommerce

Why Suppliers must invest in eCommerce

Nov 12, 2020

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that businesses are vulnerable to unpredictable events that can cripple traditional sales channels. Having a strong online presence has proven not only important but a necessity to keep your business alive and thriving. 

Product Discovery

Our everyday retailer buys a list of items routinely in bulk. For convenience they often opt for a reseller who will supply them with the whole list. This keeps them from being exposed to your store or your full range of products and keeps them in a closed box of ordering only the products they buy from only the suppliers they know.

In an e-commerce platform, your buyer will be able to easily check out your full product range, will be shown similar products and are thus likely to take additional products or try out other options/suppliers. This can help your less popular products benefit from the audience garnered by your more popular products.

For example, there may be a buyer who always buys one brand of coffee, who could be exposed to other coffee brands or options from the same supplier when they are buying on an ecommerce platform. 

E-commerce also presents an opportunity to do direct advertising to a specific B2B audience which is often rather difficult to target in marketing campaigns.

Easy order placement

Streamlining the sales channels is important to avoid losing any customers throughout the process before the sale is closed. Oftentimes for walk-in customers or callers, employees are hard-pressed to properly answer each and every query for customers; especially during busy times.

On an e-commerce platform, a lot of this process is automated as customers no longer have to ask anyone for prices or specifications of various products - instead being able to view any details they desire easily online.

Furthermore, as e-commerce platforms can allow buyers to easily order their requirements from multiple vendors simultaneously - negating the need to coordinate with multiple vendors themselves - it can provide greater convenience and ease for buyers to place their orders. This can encourage them to forego resellers and buy direct from suppliers.

In conclusion, having a strong online presence can boost your sales and make your sales channels more efficient. Being part of an e-commerce platform is one of the best ways to strengthen your brands online presence.