Top Picks: Week 34

Top Picks: Week 34

Aug 23, 2020

These are the top 10 most viewed products on Supply within the last week.

1. Red Bull Energy Drink 250ML   (Vendor: Red Bull)


Red Bull Energy Drink 250ML (24 Count) View Item/Order

2. Bonaqua Water  (Vendor: Male’ Aerated Water Company)

Water View Item/Order

3. Coast Milk f(Vendor: BHM Traders)

Coast MilkView Item/Order

4. Coca-Cola PET   (Vendor: Male’ Aerated Water Company)


Coca-Cola PETView Item/Order

5. Kottu Mee Hot & Spicy Cup Noodles   (Vendor: The Hobsons's Choice)


Hot & Spicy cup NoodlesView Item/Order

6. Essenso Microground 2in1 coffee f(Vendor: BHM Traders)


Essenso Microground 2in1View Item/Order

7. Milo Packet   (Vendor: Snow Investment)


Milo PacketView Item/Order

8. Reebok GT40S Treadmill   (Vendor: Sonee Sports)


Reebok GT40S TreadmillView Item/Order

9. Fruiser Shower Scrub 730ml - Charcoal   (Vendor: Brotherhood Investment Pvt. Ltd.)


Fruiser Shower Scrub 730ml - CharcoalView Item/Order

10. Brf Whole Chicken   (Vendor: Standard & Origin)


Chicken WholeView Item/Order




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