Three Tips for Customer Service

Three Tips for Customer Service

Nov 10, 2020

An optimistic way of looking at customer service is that it is always within your control. While unable to control your competitors and market trends, when it comes to dealing with customers, you are the one in the driving seat. 

Having excellent customer tactics will also help you in distinguishing your retail shop among your competitors. Here we present a number of tips for retailers to optimize your customer service experience.

Go above and beyond for your customer. The key to ensuring that customers feel appreciated is to add value to customer experiences. Identifying a customer’s routine purchases and having them ready for them is one way to exceed their expectations. Making customers feel they are given special treatment will result in repeat and loyal customers. 

Product Knowledge is important to have for any employee. Having good product knowledge is not only important to sell the item well, but also to recommend them to customers according to their requirement. For example, identifying the customer's goal of visiting your shop - whether to cook a meal or buy a specific type of dress - having good knowledge of your inventory will prove to be a productive experience for both you and the customer.

Dealing with customer dissatisfaction with caution. Customer complaints in any service job is a reality we have to deal with. Running a retail shop can be overwhelming and making mistakes is inevitable. It’s important to see customer complaints as not a ‘complaint’ but a feedback.