Technology & Electronics  Expo 2021 Coming Soon!

Technology & Electronics Expo 2021 Coming Soon!

Dec 7, 2020

Technology and Electronics Expo hosted by is set to begin on the 15th of January 2021. Held completely online, this event will allow suppliers both small and large to meet and showcase their products to retailers. 


The online expo, a meeting place for industry leaders and small retail business owners as well as resort purchasing managers, will showcase products of high demand in the industry. The product listings will include but are not limited to household items, energy solutions, mobile phones, computers etc. 


A virtual expo works in the same way that a live exhibition does; retail shops and other clients can browse products in virtual booths of wholesalers, set up meetings for further discussions, and generate new business leads. is hopeful this expo will empower small businesses as well as provide a platform to connect retail purchasing teams with the wholesalers. 


The tradeshow welcomes any and all companies who wish to showcase their products and services, and the titles for sponsorships are currently up for grabs.


In efforts to connect wholesalers and retails, has recently successfully concluded a hotel supply expo this November under the same event series, endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism. Some of the sponsors for HoReCa & Agriculture included prominent companies both local and international such as Ensis Fisheries, Italy’s T&D Water and Energy Green Solutions, and Redbull. 



For enquiries regarding the event, please call 9466156 or email